Yoga Mini Retreat October 1st

Yoga Mini Retreat - Saturday 1st October 2-5pm

"Chill Out before You Burn Out" is inspired simply because never in any civilization has stress been so high and so unrelenting. Especially on women as our roles have become more demanding and we are still a long way from defining roles and asking partners to share the load. Often we start to lose the essence of who we truly are as we forget ourselves. Noble as it is, there's normally a price to pay! Our wellbeing and health goes on the back burner.
Woman Embracing Life
Prevention and planning go can save us a lot of grief, and builds balance, strength and endurance to deal with stress rather than succumb or get sick. Its important to keep heart and mind in harmony.
So it's time to be deliberate, and plan to take a few hours every once in a while (especially school holidays) and tune out, tap in and chill out for a few hours, in a quiet ambient atmosphere. To try something a little new, to learn about ourselves and tune in to all women spirit as supportive and nourishing to our heart and soul!
This is natural mind and body medicine. Science has proved this. Happy person makes a happy family. Happy family makes happy community. Happy community contributes to the happiness of the world.

Mini Yoga Retreat




2A Gidgee Crt 

Ashmore Community Centre


Call, email or text Anita to reserve your place.