Standing on your two feet.

What's that to do with posture?

Feet are strong and flexible and yet they adjust to any uneven surfaces. However in today's world we are experiencing more foot problems than ever. Recently I heard James Bone (physiotherapist) talk on the more scientific we become with our sports shoes the more problems we are experiencing. Which reflects on trying anything on the market to gain any sort of relief including inserts which can be expensive. These are band aids and temporary measures. There are many things one can do for relief and looking after our feet long term!

Have you ever considered how much mileage we cover in a lifetime with our feet? It's the equivalent of walking 5 times around this earth!! These amazing platforms have 26 bones, 33 joints over a hundred muscles, tendons and ligaments. That's a lot of working parts!

Common problems are heel pain, stiffness on standing, fractures, ball foot pain, bunions, weak arches, burning feet, blisters, hammer toes and the list grows on.

Your feet actually ground you to this earth. This is where our posture begins as you lift up against gravity. Incorrect postures have side effects not only on the arches, feet, knee joints, also on the shape of the  spine ( and wearing down of discs) and neck. Our breathing is also affected, and all this saps our energy! If your body is out of alignment or your posture is bad, your poor feet will suffer!! Remember they need to last our lifetime.

Mountain Posture Yoga

What can you do?

Develop awareness

Notice how you are you holding your body - are there tight or heavy areas? Do you feel balanced? When you sit do you tend to slouch? Where's the wear and tear on your shoes? Is it uneven? Do you tend to lock your knees back when standing? Do you have pain or discomfort on standing too long?
Alignment - This I suggest getting checked by a professional, please check website for more information. Once you have had an alignment you will never tolerate being misaligned.


Check your posture, 2/3rd body weight should under the ankles, joints should be stacked evenly from ankles to the knees. The knees should be soft as if two ball bearings are gliding across one another. The hips are in line with the knees. Shoulders are in line with hips. Skull of head slightly drawn back-pull chin slightly back so ears are in line with the rest of the joints mentioned. It will feel weird not being used to it! It should look like boxes neatly stacked on top of each other!

Correct footwear

Look for an arch and ball of foot support. Make sure it's padded a little to absorb shock especially walking on hard surfaces. Health shoes are looking great these days so spend a little to keep your feet in great shape. Correct sporting shoes are a must. Go to a service orientated outlet where you get personal service and your feet needs met!


Roll a tennis ball under arches, walk barefoot especially on lawn. Cold feet massage them with warm sesame oil. If your feet are hot soak them in cool water with peppermint oil. Find a great reflexologist and give the feet a treat!


Raise feet above head level to rest from aggravating activities. Your feet are telling you they are tired-listen and rest! Put an icepack in a pillow case, place feet on top to soothe away aches. Apple Cider vinegar soaked cloths work wonders!


Learn relaxation techniques breathe (long inhale and exhale) into feet, think about yoga for re-educating the feet. Find a physical relaxing tape to relax and energise the whole body. When you relax you find the tension spots and can correct them.

Good health

Maintaining a Healthy WeightMaintaining a healthy weight to takes pressure off all joints saves wear on cartilage, maintains good disc care in the spine. Swim, walk, keep moving as much as possible with variety of fun exercises to keep those feet moving and working muscles above ankles to strengthen the feet!

Foot strength exercises

Raise toes on standing, place the big toe down first keeping other toes upward. Use a balance board or practise stretching or using yoga poses for corrections. Muscles are really important to the stability of the feet so think lower leg strengthening!

We are designed to walk with stability and ease working in the flow of gravity. We are meant to be light and buoyant with abundant energy to carry us through all aspects of life.

"Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet." Thích Nhât Hạnh Buddhist Monk