Seven Ways to beat Fatigue naturally!

Sound Sleep is the best - my favourite

Good Nights SleepThe body's clock uses this time to regulate your metabolism, digest your nutrients, balance your brain chemicals and bring out the broom to clean rubbish from your intestines to throw out into the dump next morning so you can have more energy in the day! If you are having problems going to sleep you need to establish regular bedtimes and a regular routine like brushing teeth, putting on pyjamas while serotonin kicks in to prepare us for sleeping. Make sure you are getting 30 minutes sunlight daily, no computer before bedtime. Electric bulbs give out a blue light (stimulates eye cells) so replace with amber (salt lamps for example) or yellow for great lighting to calm eye cells. A decent scoop of magnesium acts as a relaxant. For insomnia sea salt has a hypnotic affect one large pinch of salt in warm water.  Breathe to relax (read further on). This is the foundation of the fountain of energy!

Water-heard it all before right?

Drink WaterThe sound of trickling water, the freshness of tasting and drinking clean water reminds us that we are made of 80 per cent water. This is the most major energy solvent required in the body that make hundreds and hundreds of other chemicals required for everyday function! The liver loves this natural solvent to clean and wipe the body.  When our eyes look at water our brain waves slow down into Alpha which creates calmness in the brain.  Dehydration reduces rubbish being flushed out. Make sure your water is clean and filtered and have couple litres daily. Eat fruit which is high in water and minerals. Increase hydration by adding a sea salt to your water in the morning drink with lemon and boost natural vibrant energy!

Healthy FoodFoods-keep it simple

Avoid foods that have no energy or are processed. Too much coffee or tea can be stimulating keep them for midday. Eat simple and light at night for more energy the next day! Some protein, vegetables and good healthy fats allow the body to slow down into a natural energy rhythm. Recommend a juicy rainbow salad with lots of different colours every day for the precious phytonutrients that nature has designed. Consume hormone free meats, lots fish and good quality grains (quinoa, brown rice,chia). Reduce sugar as much as possible as it wrecks havoc with hormones and mucks around with false energy levels! Food should be fun and social so its becoming to a natural digestive enzyme diluted with love to enhance well being!

Exercise - passive and active

ExerciseMovement creates more energy-moderation and variety is the key. Breathing exercises reduces stress and maximise energy levels-breathe into the belly and chest and expand as if it were a balloon 10 x three times a day. The fire breathe increases burning of the metabolism to create natural energy instead of coffee. Bad posture increases stress, exercise decreases stress and makes more vitality. We need to sweat to eliminate rubbish from the skin. Other times we need to relax our muscles for them to restore and rejuvenate and calm the brain.  Its all about balance- if we have active exercise take up yoga for passive stretching and strengthening. Natural energising medicine at its best!

Here's a great daily tip to beat fatigue and energise the spine:

Take a bath towel fold in half and fold in half again.  Grab a book with the amount pages no wider than your thumb. Lay folded towel on the floor for your spine. Take the book and place it under your head. Lay spine on the towel, head on book with knees bent and upward towards the ceiling. Lay at least 10 minutes if not 20mins or 10mins twice a day. Listen to a meditation or visualisation or just breathe. Great for spine, posture and spaces the discs which will make you shine!!

Supplements versus natural foods

A time and a place for them, they can also camouflage signs of tiredness. Most vitamins are not made from natural sources.  So foods are always preferable. Super foods are also good because they come in a whole food which how nature has designed it, rather than a little part taken out and processed. Be discerning with them and do not use too many super foods at once. Smoothies are a great too grab food when on the run and good for fibre too. Fruits contain minerals which is just as important. Use greens, whey base, almond milk, protein or fermented rice mix. Avoid too much soy milk (not for thyroid health). Juices are great to give the digestive system or liver a well deserved break for a few hours and are great therapeutic value for vitamins and restoring our sparkle. Sip, swirl and swallow to get optimum value out of your combination-most ideal for beating fatigue, carrot, celery, beetroot, and ginger yummy! Try this for natural high energy boost.

Sea Salt for my energy - are you kidding?

Salt I hear you say? Another myth busted by Dr Brownstein. And I am not talking about table salt that's definitely bad!  Celtic salt, Himalayan, sea salt are wonderful as natural diuretics if you are hanging onto fluid. Wait -it just gets better as it contains natural minerals the body requires daily. Natural sea salt alkalises the body, supports adrenals (normalises blood pressure) and leaches harmful chemicals (detoxifier) stored in our tissue and contains many minerals. Potassium and sodium naturally hydrate the body as it works on the cells. Decreases fatigue naturally. Take this on a daily basis start quarter tsp (can increase as time goes by) diluted in a glass of water or on your food. Also sea salt replaces electrolytes naturally before and after exercise. Simple and great for natural energy high!

Iodine-fuel for my high!

Often very overlooked for natural energy and wellbeing! Our soils are deficient or it's supplied by the sea itself with shell fish and seaweeds-this simple element acts like fuel to the engines in our cells is majorly important for hormone health and energy. It's important for brain function, hair, skin, nails and heart health. Soy products will deplete iodine so use sparingly. Iodine used to be in bread and found in dairy products but no longer. Found in all sea vegetables (like seaweed wraps, wakame), shellfish, sea salt, walnuts, cod, eggs, yogurt. Iodine is great for energy boost and for breast health for the ladies! Bring on Japanese foods, this culture have highest iodine levels in the world and are healthier for it!