Sitting is dangerous to our health

Researchers who followed 200,000 people aged 45 and over, over a 3 year period attributed 7% of the deaths to prolonged sitting.

The Australian National University and Sydney University researchers found that people who sat for eleven or more hours a day, had a 40% increasing risk of death compared to the people who sat for fewer than four hours.
See the full details from the ABC Catalyst story archives

People who sat for more than eight hours a day, were at a 15% greater risk of early death.

Does exercise help?

Even people doing the recommended amount of daily exercise are not cancelling out the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

When people are sitting it is the lack of muscle contractions that is the problem.

The Answer - Break up your sitting time

"A light two minute walk every twenty minutes is enough to lower blood glucose levels by around thirty percent." ABC Catalyst
It is not the intensity of the walking but the physical movement that is important.
Sore Back From Sitting
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